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Dragonball The Movie Chapter Book, Vol. 1: The Discovery

Read the story based on the hit action film from 20th Century Fox!

Collect all seven Dragon Balls and you can wish for whatever you want!

Goku thought he was a normal high school student until he found out he's actually a martial-arts whiz with all kinds of crazy powers. Now he and his new group of teen warriors are on a quest to find all the Dragon Balls before they fall into the wrong hands. But they may already have! Goku must battle the evil madman Piccolo with all he's got to save the planet Earth!

The Discovery

Goku thought he was just a normal kid until his whole world got turned upside down. It was bad enough that his grandpa just died. But now he's got to save the whole world from a madman who is looking for the seven Dragon Balls. Whoever finds them all can have any wish come true! Can a regular guy like Goku become the strongest fighter of all in time to stop the end of the world?
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